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Delivery FAQ

Do you offer expedited delivery?

Yes, the expedited deliveries fall under our courier delivery estimate. This category can be used for Parcels, Legal Documents, and  Medical Deliveries.

What are you cargo size offerings?

At this time, the expected delivery vehicles will only be able to hold small loads. As we progress, we plan to offer more variable dimensions.

* No installation offered


Fish tank



Load Capacity: 350kg (772lbs)


Total Length:3.295m (Van)
Total Width:1.395 (Van)
Total Height:1.870 (Van)
Truck Bed Length: 1.94m
Truck Bed Width: 1.33m
Truck Bed Height: 0.675m

We recommend to contact ahead of time for larger items.


How do I know if my prescription/CBD item has not been opened?

All prescriptions/medications will use a Tamper Proof bag packaged at the Pharmacy upon pickup. A photo verification will be provided.

Do we offer a uniform connection with other Apps? 

Our company does not offer a multi-platform application like DoorDash. Orders must be placed seperatelly with the Platform/Location and paid for before requesting our delivery services.

*I.e any  orders need to be paid prior to delivery request.

Example: Order through 3rd party apps such as DoorDash, InstaCart, Uber Eats, GrubHub need to be paid and setup as a Pickup on the platform you are ordering. You would then input the order information on our website if you would like our service for delivery.

Are there any extra fee's?

We do NOT and any extra fee's associated with delivery.

Do we offer Military Base delivery?

Yes, we do advise it may take sometime to get through security. 


Our Delivery area  will be between Dairy rd to Columbia Blvd. to ensure our deliveries are made within a timely manor.


Small order fee? Convenience fee? Regulatory Response?


We guarantee great service and no-tampering solutions.

Call Center Support

We offer a live voice to help our customers with placing an order or issues.

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